The Ultimate Vehicle carrier for Recreational, Motorhome, Motorsports and RV enthusiasts. (*Patent Pending)

The Stow-FleXX combines all the advantages of Trailer Towing and Flat Towing in one easy-to-use solution.

  • Eliminates the risk of voiding your tow vehicle auto warranty
  • Eliminates tow vehicle mileage accumulation and tire wear
  • Eliminates the need for vehicle modifications
  • Eliminates road debris damage
  • Eliminates the need to hook and unhook your towing trailer
  • Eliminates all Coach and Trailer length issues and challenges
  • Freedom to easily back up wherever and whenever you like
  • Fit your Coach, Folder Trailer and Vehicle easily on any standard size RV site.
  • Take the vehicle you want – not just the one that can be flat towed