“Our LWL is almost 4 years old, has been pushed to the limits & works hard daily. No issues & zero maintenance. Well worth the money for something that will work well and last ! “
– Kevin V

Welcome to LWL. We build some of the longest lasting trailers available anywhere!

Our family owned manufacturing business was established in 1968 as Linkletter’s Welding Ltd (LWL). Our trailer manufacturing division (LWL Trailers) began building quality trailers decades ago. Today, we manufacture 12 different styles of trailers and build custom designed trailers to suit any job or task. Our trailers are built to take years of potholes, back roads, fields and wood lots and our innovative designs ensure lasting performance well beyond other industry standard trailers.

LWL trailers offer the highest strength to the lightest weight ratio and use channel stock and I beams of higher strength steel instead of the low strength and low cost tubing used by some of our competitors.

Corrosion can be a big part of many climates so we understand the effects wet roads and salt have on your trailer. As a result, we pay higher attention to the primers and finish coatings on our trailers. We sandblast, thoroughly prime and paint all our trailers with the best anti-corrosive coatings on the market. We also offer hot dip galvanizing on most models, providing further protection. The most common compliment we get from customers is that their LWL trailer rides so smooth they have to look back to make sure it is still there.

Let us supply a trailer that meets your needs!